The Pelican Yacht Club is committed to making sailing accessible to a broad public. As such, we welcome new members of all skills and backgrounds and keep our membership fees low. We believe that boat ownership should not be a prerequisite to enjoy sailing, and maintain a small fleet of boats that our members can use at their convenience. Some of our members enjoy organized sailing activities throughout the year, others prefer sailing by themselves. All of our members benefit from our Gulf Yachting Association membership and enjoy some reciprocity benefits with over 30 Yacht Clubs throughout the Gulf Coast.

If you are interested in joining or simply want to learn more about the club or about sailing, download an application form, send an email to, or contact us on Facebook. You can also stop by the club and introduce yourself to any of our members.

Membership dues (a one-time $200 initiation fee will be charged for adult and junior membership):

    • Adult / families: $50 per month per household.
    • Junior (under 35): $35 per month.
    • Student summer membership (May 1st to August 31st): $200.
  • Mast-up dry storage: $50 per month.
  • Wet slips (starting at): $140 per month.