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I joined the club in January 2018 and I've never sailed before. I do not own a boat and usually sail out in one of the club's boats. I found that PYCL is a great place to learn sailing because there are several highly experienced members who are always willing to show me how to do things: from rigging to maneuvering the boat on the water.

After many years of competitive sailing and many summers spent as a sailing instructor, I mainly sail to relax. At the Pelican Yacht Club, I can be on the water less than an hour after leaving my home. Although I usually sail my catamaran, I enjoy sailing one of the club's boats, and sharing my passion with friends, visitors, and new members.

I learned how to sail in the NYC harbor, have been sailing for decades & have been a member of the PYC for many years. I love everything about this club -- the casual sailing, the races & regattas with other clubs in the Gulf Yachting Association, but most of all -- the camaraderie & fun sailing on the river with like-minded sailers out to catch a breeze & have a good time!

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